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Russian billionaire scraps Upper East Side megamansion plans

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Alexei Kuzmichev is looking to sell his massive Atterbury Mansion pad

It appears that Russian billionaire Alexei Kuzmichev has abandoned plans to create a megamansion on the Upper East Side. Just a few months after it was revealed that he was planning to create a 14,000-square foot home by combining a unit in the Atterbury Mansion and the building next door, the Atterbury pad is back on the market, and it’s asking $44 million, the New York Post reports.

Kuzmichev, who is one of the founders of the investment firm, Alfa Group, shelled out $42 million on the 10,000-square-foot Atterbury which spans four floors in the seven story townhouse and comes with five bedrooms and six bathrooms. He later doled out an additional $15.5 million to purchase a 3,800-square-foot neighboring apartment and planned to combine the two.

But with the massive apartment now back on the market, those plans seem to have been scrapped entirely. The condo comes fitted with a private elevator, 12-foot tall ceilings on the parlor floor, and floor-to-ceiling arched windows, among several other features.