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Huge Bronx affordable housing project gets City Council approval

La Central in Melrose will bring 992 apartments to the neighborhood

A week after the City Council’s planning subcommittee approved an affordable housing project that would bring close to 1,000 apartments to Melrose in the Bronx, the full Council has jumped on board as well. On Wednesday, the Council approved the plan to bring 992 apartments to the neighborhood spread out over five buildings in a project that will be known as La Central, the New York Daily News reports.

It’s the largest such project approved since Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Mandatory Inclusionary Housing policy went into effect. This project too, like efforts in Inwood, and in Sunnyside, faced resistance from local residents, but once the city reduced the income threshold on the units, the local City Councilman, Rafael Salamanca, was ready to get on board.

The cheapest apartments will now rent for about $640 per month for a family making up to $23,310 a year, which is down from the previous lower limit of $38,850 for a family of three with rent at $1,070 per month. On the upper end, apartments will be available to families making up to $101,010 for $2,780 per month.

This project will also bring along with it a skate park, a YMCA, and an observatory for the Bronx High School of Science.