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432 Park Avenue reveals its cushy 86th-floor model unit

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The penthouse apartment, perched more than 1,100 feet above the city, has rarefied views of the city

Three years after the überexpensive listings at 432 Park Avenue first hit the market, developers CIM Group and Macklowe Properties have released photos of the development’s posh model unit, located on the 86th floor of Manhattan's tallest residential tower. (What that means, height-wise: it’s more than 1,100 feet in the air. Whoa.)

The model was designed by architect Robert Couturier, who called the apartment "an incredible palette to work with, one that would be the envy of any designer" in a press release. The 4,028-square-foot pad—a penthouse, naturally—has three bedrooms, four bathrooms (all of which are dripping in marble), a huge eat-in kitchen, and a library.

Couturier’s design is a bit muted, with a neutral color palette (lots of cream and dark brown here) and furnishings that are obviously expensive but not over-the-top. But the relatively toned-down decor lets the apartment’s main attraction—the panoramic views of Central Park and pretty much the entirety of New York City—shine.

And then there’s this:

The 12’6" finished ceiling height throughout lends particularly well to showcase artwork, and Robert Couturier has curated a collection of pieces that reflects the masterful interiors scheme that includes works by Hubert le Gall, Christopher Kutz, Michael Eastman, and a dramatic floor-to-ceiling installation of Sol Lewitt’s Wall Drawing #678 occupying the entire south wall of the living and dining room. The oversized 10-foot by 10-foot windows, now synonymous with the building, simultaneously flood the residence with natural light and are artworks in themselves, perfectly framing the truly spectacular view of New York’s skyline and surrounding rivers and bridges.

Earlier this year, the building unveiled its equally lavish amenity spaces, which include a private restaurant helmed by a Michelin-starred chef; an 18-seat screening room; a spa and yoga studio; and architectural light installations, because why not. The model unit, however, is "the first completed penthouse in the building," and so the first (and, well, only) opportunity us commoners have gotten to peek inside the development.

Apartments in the Rafael Viñoly-designed tower began closing earlier this year, and residents have already started moving in (or renting out their pricey investments); there are, however, plenty of units still available, assuming you have $17 million (or more!) to spend.

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