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Big reveal: $725,000 for a dreamy West Village one-bedroom

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Find out if you guessed correctly

Out of the 28 comments, no one managed to correctly guess the price of this week’s pricespotter apartment, though a few came close. The compact one-bedroom at 77 Perry Street in the West Village, full of exposed brick, is asking $725,000. The closest guesses came from Portnoy 's Complaint, 10012, and NYCsince1983 with their estimates of $699,000, though they were $26,000 shy of the actual price.

The general consensus on this apartment seemed to be that it was way too small, the kitchen was unreasonably tiny, and many even said it was overpriced without knowing the actual cost. Yet, some commenters realized that location is everything and being in what the brokerbabble calls "the most picturesque and coveted blocks in the West Village" has a lot to do with this apartment’s hefty price tag. In the words of Portnoy’s Complaint, "[N]ever discount The West Village." Here’s one more look at the home: