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What old-school NYC things do you hope never go away?

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It seems like every week brings the news that another business or institution that was emblematic of Old New York is closing. Today, for example, New York Central Art Supply will shut its doors after 111 years in business.

The reason for its demise is, of course, Manhattan’s ridiculous real estate market; in a post announcing the closure, the owners said that "the building we have called home since 1905 is being sold and we must vacate it."

And while it’s easy to get depressed over the fact that many of the things that make New York New York have suffered the same fate in recent years (too many to list, but Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York will always have you covered there), sometimes it’s good to celebrate the quintessentially New York-y things that are still here.

And there are plenty of those places—Russ & Daughters, for example, has been a Lower East Side institution for more than a century and shows no signs of stopping (thank God). Bars like Ear Inn, Pete’s Tavern, and Old Town Bar are still serving pints after many, many decades in business; and C.O. Bigelow on Sixth Avenue is still kicking after more than 150 years.

In that vein—and inspired by a recent post on the Philadelphia Inquirer—we want to know: What are some of the old-school New York things that you hope never go away? Shops, cultural institutions, random neighborhood landmarks, the characters that make this city great—tell us all about it in the comments.