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Notorious Park Slope senior home landlord finally settles with ousted tenants

Haysha Deitsch has finally paid the $3.35M he owed the tenants

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The long and complicated saga of Prospect Park Residence, the Park Slope assisted living facility may finally be coming to an end. After previously defaulting to pay the five remaining tenants at the facility, notorious landlord Haysha Deitsch has finally shelled out the $3.35 million he owed the tenants, DNAinfo reports.

In June this year, the five women at the senior home reached a settlement with Deitsch to stay at the Residence until August 31 and receive the above-mentioned amount to relocate afterwards. The following month, Deitsch defaulted on those payments, and the tenants’s lawyers at the time threatened to file another lawsuit against Park Slope's worst landlord.

However Deitsch finally coughed up the funds on August 26, a lawyer for the tenants told DNAinfo. The tenants have been battling Deitsch since 2014, when he told the residents that they had 90 days to vacate the property.

Most of the Residence’s 140 tenants left, but others decided to fight it out through legal means. While the lawsuit with Deitsch is now settled, the tenants’s lawsuit against the state Department of Health is still ongoing for allowing the facility to close.

Deitsch had already sold the building to Sugar Hill Partners for $76.5 million.