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Extremely small UWS studio with loft bed wants $1,625/month

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Yes, it’s tiny, and yes, it’s got a loft bed, but that price!

It may be miniature, but this itty-bitty Upper West Side studio is mad cheap and rent stabilized. The $1,625 pad (cheap is relative) has a a diminutive living area, a petite bathroom, and a lofted sleeping area that is comparatively spacious, as long as you don’t prioritize the ability to stand up.

The kitchen is also relatively nice, with new cabinets and countertops, and four-burner stove (though there is, of course, only enough room for a mini-fridge, because that’s how these things work).

Dogs aren’t allowed, which makes sense — where would you put them? — but the apartment is charming, in its teeny, tiny way, and location is stellar. Who needs a living room, really, when you’re a block from Central Park?