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Port Authority revisits idea of 7 train expansion to New Jersey

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The agency is looking to extend the 7 train to Secaucus

As Port Authority prepares to release the front-running submissions received for Midtown’s Port Authority Bus Terminal in Midtown, a decades-old debate has resurfaced and is back up for discussion. According to Politico, Port Authority will soon release a study, that in part, argues for the extension of the 7 train to Secaucus, New Jersey, citing that doing so could reduce bus terminal congestion in the long run.

After the proposed ARC tunnel, the commuter rail tunnel that would’ve connected New York City and New Jersey, fell through, the idea for the 7 train extension began recirculating. In fact, it’s been conceptualized way before that. "People have been talking about [it] on and off since the 1920s," declared urban planner Sandy Hornick. Yet in 2010, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie axed the estimated $5.3 billion extension idea, citing potential cost overruns. A study released in 2013 revealed that the extension would accommodate roughly 128,000 riders per day yet skeptics argue that by 2040 (presumably when the project would be complete) the accommodation would be countered by the population increase and thus wouldn’t eliminate the need for a new Midtown bus terminal.

Those against the idea also believe that it would be more logical for Port Authority to just craft smaller terminals in Manhattan and New Jersey that would be connected via subway, reports the Real Deal. Add to that, the MTA is hardly entertaining the idea of another 7 train expansion. "The odds are against a 7 train expansion," writes Politico, but at least the idea will garner some further discussion.