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A 400-square-foot Park Slope studio that doesn’t feel cramped wants $335,000

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How can something so small be so spacious at the same time?

Small doesn’t necessarily mean cramped, as is the case with this sunny Park Slope studio offering just 400 square feet of space. Yes, it’s compact, yet the sunny apartment dwelling within a lovely brownstone still manages to convey an airy feel.

The open-design studio has a roomy sleep alcove, a kitchen with all but a full-sized refrigerator (there’s even cabinet space), large windows, and a fair-sized storage closet. It’s also populated with lovely moldings, high ceilings, hardwood floors, an archway, and plenty of natural light. The small space has a pretty small ask to accompany. It’s going for a mere $335,000 with a monthly maintenance fee of $607.