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New York City rent comparisons: What $2,000 gets you

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See the tiny apartment renting for around $2,000 rents in NYC neighborhoods like Astoria, Hell’s Kitchen, Boerum Hill, and more

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various NYC neighborhoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! In honor of Micro Week, we're looking at studios renting for around $2,000/month. Fair warning: all of these spaces are 400 square feet or less.

↑ The listing calls this 400-square-foot apartment in Astoria a "large studio" (that’s New York City real estate for you) and it’s going for $1,950/month. The small pad manages to have a spacious kitchen with counter space, two large closets, and a private balcony.

↑ In Hell’s Kitchen, a tiny 375-square-foot apartment is renting for $1,995/month. While the kitchen and bathroom look tolerable, the open space is pretty tight. But hey, it's under $2,000, which is something.

↑ A Murphy bed is all the indication you need to know that this Upper West Side studio is tiny. Everything but the front door and the bathroom is concentrated in the center of the space. But it's charming, and the asking price is $2,050/month.

↑ This 370-square-foot Hamilton Heights apartment doesn't look as tiny as some of the other apartments here, which could be due to its oversized window, which welcomes in lots of sunlight. The kitchen awaits its new appliances, and the asking price is $1,895/month.

↑ A Boerum Hill studio has 400 square feet of space, an open kitchen, and a "very nice" bathroom (though the listing notes that it doesn't have a tub). The bare-bones space could be ideal for someone who cares more about location than space, since it's right in the middle of a great Brooklyn neighborhood. Asking price is $1,950/month.

↑ And finally, there's this 300-square-foot home along West 47th Street in Midtown West. It's a typical Manhattan studio: The one (big, it must be said) window overlooks another building, and the bathroom appears to be biggest thing here. But the rent is a mere $1,995/month.