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Rent a Novogratz-designed Nolita townhouse for $40,000/month

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It comes with a full bar, pool table, 900-bottle wine cellar, and that’s just the beginning

A four-story townhouse that received the Courtney and Robert Novogratz treatment is being offered as a furnished six-month rental for a whopping $40,000 a month. The house is currently owned by former hedge funder Bradley Zipper and according to the Observer is the "ultimate bachelor pad."

Zipper certainly decked out the space to resemble the man cave of all man caves. The three-bedroom, four-bathroom pad has a full bar, pool table, Sonos surround sound system, a 900-bottle wine cellar that can host 15 people, and six outdoor spaces (!) that include a Juliet balcony, courtyard equipped with a projection screen and fire pit, and a roof deck with sweeping views of the city.

Zipper also offered to add in a personal driver to potential tenants for an extra fee, because what's a good bro pad without your own chauffer?