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Big reveal: $395,000 for a tiny UES studio with a sleeping alcove

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Did you guess correctly?

We got 20 responses to this week's special Micro Week edition of Pricespotter, and while no one guessed the right answer, one of our commenters came tantalizingly close. Commenter Someone98 guessed $400,000, which was just $5,000 over the right answer. Another commenter, JEG10021 guessed $440,000, which was the closest after that. Most commenters however guessed in the mid-to-upper $400K range with one guess coming in at $650,000. On the lower end one commenter guessed $255,000.

Commenters had mixed feelings on the apartment overall. Some praised the layout, and the sleeping alcove, while others were concerned about the light and the lack of closets. Most commenters did however agree that the price would be on the lower side considering the neighborhood, and the fact that maintenance costs, as Stache pointed out, were on the higher side.