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What’s the smallest New York apartment you’ve ever lived in?

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Compare horror stories in the comments!

Max Touhey for Curbed

If there’s one thing that New Yorkers love to commiserate over, it’s terrible or unusual living situations—and what better time than Micro Week to talk about the smallest apartments we’ve ever lived in?

In Curbed’s past and present Micro Week coverage, we’ve met people who live in studios ranging from the merely small (400 square feet) to the truly itty-bitty (90 square feet!). And while it takes a truly determined person to make the latter situation work, we have no doubt that most of you, dear readers, have lived in some kind of tiny space at some point—and we want to hear your stories.

So let’s talk about our tiny New York City apartments in the comments. What’s the smallest place you’ve lived in? How did you like it? Did you sleep in a loft bed? Find a creative solution to making a cramped studio work? Are you still in a tiny studio and want to defend small spaces?

Let’s talk it out. If you’ve got a photo of the small space to share, all the better.