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5 tiny cottages near NYC for your next weekend getaway

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Get outta town

As we’ve seen this Micro Week, for many, city living means sacrificing space for the glory of being a True New Yorker. And despite the misconception, some people would have it no other way. Now it’s time to take a look outside of New York, where the cottages and cabins that give face to living small in suburbia abound. It can be fun to experience micro living amid nature so we’ve rounded up five of the cutest diminutive retreats nearby.

An artist’s cottage just 50 minutes north of the city is rentable through Airbnb for $125/night. And a true artist’s cottage this is: guests will have access to the bare essentials (internet), and a wall covered in large windows lets natural light stream in. The tiny pad can sleep up to two guests, but those with fickle bladders, beware: the space doesn’t have its own restroom—that’s accessible through the property’s main house.

City folk can often not care much for nature, but for those who buck that trend and are looking to get away, there’s this teeny-tiny cabin. The hut’s owners, who are listing it for $80/night through Airbnb, implore their visitors to "get back to nature," and here they'll do just that. The hut appears to only hold a queen-sized bed, while the "kitchen" and facilities are both set up in the surrounding brush. Composting toilet, anyone?

A colorful cabin in Rosendale, NY offers up "off the grid" living for $90/night on Airbnb. That means, you guessed it, an outdoor composting toilet and shower. The kitchen appears to be null, but Rosendale Village is a quick two miles away. The cabin sits near 10 miles of rail trail, and guests are encouraged to bring their bikes. An indoor shower and laundry facilities are available for guests during the winter months.

Just a few minute walk from the town of Woodstock stands this petite studio cottage, where visitors can bask in the tiny house lifestyle (i.e. sleep in a loft where they’ll probably bump their head.) But the cottage is adorable and well-outfitted with an indoor bathroom, a small but very practical kitchen, and enough shiplap to make Joanna Gaines proud. The cottage is renting on VRBO for $107/night.

The most wood cabiny-looking wood cabin on this list is a small studio parked in Windham, NY, just minutes from the town’s namesake ski mountain. The place comes outfitted with a queen-sized bed, a couch, table, and attached bathroom, but a kitchen area it appears to lack. It’s up for grabs for $150/night through VRBO.