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Second Avenue Subway could be delayed yet again

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Postponed fire safety, elevator, and escalator tests may point to a delay

The summer brought with it worrying but mostly expected news that the Second Avenue Subway was in danger of being delayed yet again. The fall is only reinforcing that notion. The MTA has revised timelines for a couple of projects relating to the subway, and that has now raised questions yet again on whether the long-delayed project will open by December 31 this year, NBC first reported.

The news agency spotted the trouble in MTA briefing materials that it posted online earlier this month. Those materials revealed that the elevator and escalator testing at the 72nd Street station won’t take place until late November, which doesn’t leave a lot of room if problems arise at that time.

In addition fire safety tests that were supposed to be complete by now have been pushed back to the end of this month.

Some transit advocates told NBC that it’s possible that the MTA opens the stations at 63rd, 86th, and 96th Streets to start though the agency has said in the past that it was still too early to consider such a scenario. The MTA continues to maintain that it is on track for an opening on or before December 31.