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Village’s fallen Lenin statue will find new home on LES

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“The statue will stand in its new home as a reminder that nothing stays the same.”

Last week, the East Village’s commanding, quirky statue was of Vladimir Lenin was removed from its post on top of Houston Street rental building Red Square after over two decades of presiding over the throughway. The removal was quickly considered another loss for the East Village/Lower East Side, but as it turns out, the 18-foot statue will find a new home in the neighborhood. The original U.S.S.R.-commissioned effigy will take up residence on the rooftop of 178 Norfolk Street, another building owned in part by Red Square developer Michael Rosen.

The statue has already been positioned on top of no. 178, but has yet to be erected. Michael Shaoul, who runs the building’s management, told The Villager that the statue "will be installed on a new plinth sometime in the next few weeks—our guess is a month. We intend him to be visible from the street once he is installed." The statue will have sight lines from neighboring

When the statue of Vladimir Lenin was erected on the rooftop of 250 East Houston Street he was positioned to wave at the Twin Towers. This was a few years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and a playful jab at capitalism. "We never thought he would outlast them," Shaoul said.

The statue fell from its perch on Houston Street—not literally, of course, but the pun is hard to pass up—amid rumors that developer Dermot Company purchased the building for $100 million. While Dermot has yet to confirm their involvement with the building, something is up.