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In Brooklyn and the Bronx, street redesign proposed to combat crime

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The plans to transform the streetscape in Brownsville and Morrisania are just conceptual for now

Much like Times Square was transformed after Rudy Giuliani was elected mayor of New York City in the 90s, the city is looking to make neighborhoods like Brownsville and Morrisania safer by redesigning streets, public plazas, and buildings in those neighborhoods. Though the plans are just conceptual in nature, DNAinfo uncovered the proposal put forth by the city’s Department Design and Construction, on the behest of the mayor’s office.

Measures include expanding the sidewalk and creating more public spaces along Webster Avenue in Morrisania, and redesigning public buildings like the library in Brownsville into something more open like the Stapleton Library on Staten Island.

Other ideas included transforming the Osborn Street Plaza in Brownsville with artwork on the ground. The DDC took inspiration from the ideas put forth by urban planner Jane Jacobs several decades ago who had advocated for creating houses and streets that would make the streets more visible to residents.

The DDC was also buoyed by the designs of the Fulton Center and the Flushing branch of the Queens library that direct people through the structure and create open spaces to sit respectively. The city does not have any plans to move forward with these proposals at the moment.