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Hillary Clinton was barred from renting in Midtown building

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Westbrook Partners said her celebrity would create a nuisance for other tenants

The developers behind the St. John’s Terminal redesign, Westbrook Partners, declined to rent office space to Hillary Clinton’s team in 2014 at their building at 444 Madison Avenue, the New York Post has learned. The founder of the development firm, Paul Kazilionis is a registered Republican, but a spokesperson for the firm has categorically declined that the move had anything to do with political motivations.

"In light of the high profile nature of the proposed tenant, ownership determined that the burden and disruption to present tenants and building operations due to the level of additional security required was not in the building’s best interest," the spokesperson told the Post.

Clinton’s team had agreed to sublease the entire 32nd floor of the building from Rainier Investment Management that year and had even received a welcome email from the company. Clinton’s team began setting up a computer and phone network at the office, but just days before the move, when the movers had already been primed to move in, Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin was informed that Westbrook Partners had refused to rent.

The team eventually rented at a building on West 45th Street. Westbrook allegedly created trouble for a previous ground floor tenant at the building by trying to block the sale of a deli, according to the Post.