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187-year-old Brooklyn Heights house comes to market after 58 years

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The home, which has been owned by the same family since 1958, is asking $6.65 million

Courtesy Kevin Carberry Real Estate

Brooklyn Heights is beloved for its beautiful, often centuries-old homes, and a buyer now has the chance to snap up one of those lovely 19th-century properties. The home at 24 Middagh Street, built around 1829 (making it one of the neighborhood’s oldest townhouses), is officially on the market. As of February, it's now asking $6.65 million.

The sale, first reported by the New York Times, marks the first time the home has been listed in more than half a century. It’s been owned by the same family since 1958, but the sellers—the children of the original owners—decided to list it after their mother died. "It’s time for someone else to love it and cherish it," Celeste Weisman, one of the owners, told the Times.

The home itself is a stunner—a well-preserved time capsule from the neighborhood’s earliest days, with many of the charming historic details still entact. It’s more of a compound (per the brokerbabble) than a single home, with a main, four-story home, and a smaller carriage house that has two bedrooms.

Per the AIA Guide to New York City, the home is notable for its exterior—wood-painted, gambrel-roofed—along with some of its details, particularly "the exquisite Federal doorway with its Ionic collonettes and the quarter-round attic windows." Inside, the home has gorgeous old fireplaces, wide wooden flooring, and dormer windows.

Both the current owners and the agent handling the sale, Kevin Carberry, told the Times that the house needs some work—Carberry called it "more old shoe than glass slipper"—including modern upgrades like central air and updated electrical systems. There would also be the expected challenges when owning a home located in a historic district.

But still, how often does a home with this much charm (the AIA Guide calls it "the queen of Brooklyn Heights houses") and history become available?

24 Middagh Street

24 Middagh St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA