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East Village site leveled by 2015 gas explosion sells for $6M

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That’s almost $4 million less than what it was asking when it went on the market in March

In March this year, one of the sites leveled by the 2015 gas explosion in the East Village was being offered up by its owner for $9.7 million. Fast forward six months, the property at 123 Second Avenue, the site of the beloved Pommes Frites established, has sold for $6 million, The Real Deal reports.

The site was being marketed by Compass and offers 10,000 square feet of buildable space for a condo or rental property with a commercial component. TRD has identified the buyer as Ezra Wibowo.

Of the three buildings that were destroyed by the explosion, this is the only one that has come on the market so far. It’s former owner, George Pasternak, put it on the market just a year after the building was destroyed.

The explosion that leveled the buildings was caused by a leak in an illegally installed gas line at 121 Second Avenue. The owners of that building, Maria Hrynenko and her son Michael Hrynenko were charged with manslaughter in February this year, and asked to pay $350,000 to clean up the sites.