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Kelsey Grammer joins forces with neighbor to sell their West Chelsea pads

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After no luck on selling separately, Grammer and his neighbor have listed their units as a $20 million combination apartment

They say that there’s strength in numbers, so we’re guessing that is why Fraiser actor Kelsey Grammer has joined forces with his neighbor, software supplier CEO Larry Mueller, to get their respective apartments sold as one.

After no luck selling his 3,076 square foot apartment within Jean Nouvel’s 100 Eleventh Avenue, listed for $9.75 million, Grammer and Mueller, who has been trying to sell his space for $9.85 million since April, are offering the two apartments as a full-floor combination apartment asking $19.6 million, reports Luxury Listing.

The new listing amounts to four bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms spread across a sweeping total of 5,750 square feet of space with 11-foot ceilings, en-suite baths, gas-burning fireplaces, and engulfing floor-to-ceiling windows. And for the views, well, whoever lands this unit will find themselves enjoying 360-degree views of almost every major New York City landmark one would wish to see including the Empire State Building, Freedom Tower, the High Line, Hudson River, and more. Talk about lucky.

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