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Bonkers Mill Basin mansion once asking $30M returns for $12.5M

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A taste of Miami in Brooklyn

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the lavish Mill Basin mansion at 2458 National Drive is still looking for a buyer and has just undergone another pricechop of epic proportions. The property hit the market again this morning seeking $12.5 million, its smallest ask to-date since the it was first listed for $30 million in October 2013.

That price, and the $17 million it was most recently listed for, always included a small neighboring house on the property; but perhaps the seller, family of the "Russian-American Paris Hilton," wised up and realized that there aren’t too many people on the market for a Miami-style mansion on the Brooklyn waterfront, let alone two.

The house was built by a Colombo crime family associate, and was designed by Noel Jeffrey. Here’s a list of things the property includes, from least to most extravagant: a sauna, two boat slips, "architectural gardens", a four-car garage, a pool larger than most apartments (1,000 square feet), a 14,000-square-foot house, "a gatehouse to inform you of guests' arrival in entranceway", an "extraordinarily designed meditation room", and an outdoor pavilion with seating for 40.