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Park Slope condo with 'tree house'-like terrace wants $1.4M

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The L-shaped porch measures more than 1,000 square feet and is full of plants

This fully-loaded South Slope condo has as much space outdoors as indoors, thanks to an enormous 1,000 square foot L-shaped terrace complete with a "softly lit gazebo," a six-burner barbecue, and tons of greenery. In fact, according to the brokerbabble, the outdoor space is so exquisite that the place is apparently affectionately known as "The Tree House," thanks to all of that foliage.

Not that the 1,026 square-foot, $1.4 million apartment has any shortage of indoor luxuries, if that’s more your thing. Bright and modern, the two-bedroom, two-bath home has a surprising amount of character, with wide-plank maple floors, huge windows, and a kitchen that appears to be made entirely out of marble.

The place also boasts five custom closets, two soaking tubs, an appealing layout (the two bedrooms are on opposite ends of the house), plus the standard roster of high-end appliances.

Should your own private terrace (with gazebo) ever starts to feel lonely, do not fret: you can always socialize with your less-fortunate neighbors on the communal roof deck.