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Midcentury Staten Island house with ‘country feeling’ seeks $825,000

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A true midcentury home with a two-car garage and woodworking studio

New York City is a treasure trove of architectural styles but when it comes to the midcentury modern look that has so captured everyone’s hearts, the five boroughs don’t have all that much to show by comparison. But every once in a while a listing comes around for a true midcentury house, and it’s usually on Staten Island. This time is no exception.

Asking $825,000, this house at 81 Rustic Place comes with the pitched roof so typical of midcentury homes, but its interiors are uniquely traditional. The main floor’s abundance of brick and beams, and its wood-burning fireplace lends the house the "country feeling" its listing refers to—and the house’s street address on Rustic Place only adds to that charm.

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom Great Kills house also comes with a two-car garage attached to a 600-square-foot woodworking studio. However, the industrious ‘60s sitcom dad ferrying life lessons to his clueless but goodhearted children is not included in the sale.