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Donald Trump's NYC properties contributed to $800M dip in fortune

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Trump Tower and 40 Wall Street were among the properties that dipped in value

Donald Trump once again declined to release his tax returns at Monday’s presidential debate, and Hillary Clinton seized that moment to question whether he was doing it because he had never paid taxes or because he just isn’t as wealthy as he says is. Several other critics have wondered the same thing. So, Forbes decided to do a dive into his financial assets, and found that the Donald’s fortune had fallen $800 million from last year.

Though by no means does that make him a pauper, as Forbes still estimates his worth at $3.7 billion, even after the hit. New York City played a major role in that loss. A slight cooling down of the market, particularly in retail and office space, in the city played a big role in reducing his worth. Forbes analyzed a total of 28 properties across the country and found that 18 fell in value. Among them were Trump Tower in Midtown and 40 Wall Street in the Financial District.

In contrast, seven properties rose in value including San Francisco’s 555 California Street.

But it wasn’t all real estate that likely contributed to the decline in wealth. He has spent about $50 million of his money on his presidential bid for one. And disparaging comments about immigrants have cost him about $100 million in loses, according to the BBC, which reports that his comments led companies like NBC Universal, Macy’s, and Univision to cut ties with him.

Trump Tower

721 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY