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De Blasio proposes new LES senior facility in light of Rivington House scandal

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The new building will house over 100 seniors, and a medical care facility

The scandal surrounding the sale of Rivington House on the Lower East Side has far from died down, and in fact members of the de Blasio administration are currently facing a fierce round of questioning in City Hall over the whole debacle. But as a peace offering of sorts, the Mayor today announced a senior affordable housing and health care facility that will essentially replace the services lost at Rivington House.

Sometime next year, the city will issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for this project, which will be located next to the Manhattan Bridge at 30 Pike Street. That site is owned by the city’s Department of Environmental Protection, and appears to be the location of a water supply building, and a Manhattan Repair Company Headquarters structure. It’s a relatively large plot of land, and google maps reveals a parking lot of sorts next to the existing structure.

As per the mayor’s office’s description, the property, "will be reconfigured to accommodate the new project as well as DEP’s operations." The project is located less than mile away from Rivington House, and the administration has vowed to spend more than the $16 million it received for lifting the deed restrictions on Rivington House, for the affordable housing project.

"Rivington House’s conversion to luxury housing never should have happened," Bill de Blasio said in a statement. "This community was the victim of a broken process, City error and unscrupulous developers looking to make a buck. Our reforms will prevent that from ever happening again. This investment is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to the health of this neighborhood."

This new building will be able to accommodate 100 seniors, and will have space for a health care facility. After agreeing to reform the deed modification process this past summer, this is another conciliatory effort on the part of the administration to counter the anger and frustration created by the Rivington House saga.