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10 NYC homes for sale asking less than $200,000

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They do exist

In certain parts of the country, $200,000 is quite enough to buy a house (see: Seattle, Austin, Atlanta), but in New York City owning one’s own slice of property at that cost is just short of a dream. But the good folks at NeighborhoodX have taken the legwork out of finding those rare residences and graphed a handful of properties throughout the city that aren’t income-restricted and asking less than $200,000.

There are a few takeaways: properties at that pricepoint can be found throughout the five boroughs (yes, even in Manhattan), and they’re not all tiny studios. The $195,000 co-op in Spuyten Duyvil is actually quite nice, with sky-high vistas and access to the co-op’s outdoor pool. It also has a real bedroom, which is a win.

The only freestanding property on the list is a house on Jamaica’s Conduit Avenue, which looks like it could use a little elbow grease. See the full list below, or head this way to find NeighborhoodX’s interactive version, which links out to the listings.