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Clinton Hill church partners with developer for 16-story residential building

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It will rise next to St. Mary’s Episcopal Church and bring 142 apartments to the neighborhood

Clinton Hill isn’t the first neighborhood you envision a 16-story residential tower in, but the forces of gentrification tend to leave nothing untouched for too long. The residential building will rise on the property of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church at 230 Classon Avenue, The Real Deal reports.

The building will have 142 apartments, and replace the 4,800-square-foot rectory building that sits across from the church at the site. The church is collaborating with an unnamed developer on the project, and architecture firm DXA Studio has been roped in to design the structure.

Aside from the apartments, the Church plans use to about 25,200 square feet of the building as a community facility, and there are also plans for a coffee shop, a library, space for a priest’s office, and parking for 93 cars.

Plans for the building were just filed today, and the timeline on this project is not yet clear. For the church however, this is the time to capitalize on the favorable real estate market.

"This is the moment in Brooklyn to capitalize and to use real estate if you have it," the priest in charge at the church told TRD. "The area is very different from what it was 30 years ago."