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Park Slope townhouse with lovely vintage details and koi pond wants $3.1M

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The historic five-bedroom home has much of its original details intact

The brokerbabble for this Park Slope townhouse listing touts the home’s "stately grandeur" and "breathtaking detail," but this is one of those rare cases where the actual thing lives up to the hyperbole. The 4,200-square-foot home, asking $3.1 million, comes with five bedrooms and four bathrooms across its five floors. The house, located at 472 9th Street, is permeated with original details throughout that include wainscoted walls, pocket doors, embellished moldings, a center skylight above the main staircase, and an impressive six decorative fireplaces. The home has just a touch of modernity in its kitchen (and bathrooms, according to the listing, though there aren’t any pictures) with a few stainless steel appliances, but for the most part it has preserved much of its 19th-century appeal.

The grandeur isn’t just contained with the home’s four walls. There is a sizable terrace and a windowed solarium that leads into the landscaped garden that boasts its very own koi pond. And if that greenery isn't enough, Prospect Park is just a short walk away.