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Governors Island wants New Yorkers to weigh in on its year-round plans

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A new interactive installation is calling upon New Yorkers to give feedback on what they’d like to see the island offer year-round

The New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) is soliciting New Yorkers to give their thoughts on what they’d like to see on Governors Island if it were turned into a year-round destination. Through a new cube-shaped chalkboard installation named #GovIsland365, visitors are encouraged to write their ideas that will later help shape an official Request for Expressions of Interest set to launch before the island reopens next season, reports Untapped Cities.

The cube, designed by artist Amber Rae, will be stationed at Soisson Landing until September 25th but there is also an online survey that serves the same purpose that will be open until the end of September.

Earlier this year, Mayor de Blasio announced the push for more immersive events and activities on Governors Island through an "Innovation Cluster" that would include educational, cultural, technological amenities, and more. Over the past six years, the city has invested $300 million into redeveloping the areas of the island in which it owns. Part of that redevelopment included The Hills, the wildly popular section of the park featuring four manmade hills (one of which includes the city’s longest slide) that opened in July.