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Exec behind Pokemon’s U.S. success lists his $19M Nomad penthouse

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The sprawling apartment comes with seven outdoor terraces

The man who first brought the Pokémon anime series to the United States is looking to make some real estate moves, the Wall Street Journal reports. Licensing executive Alfred Kahn, who introduced American audiences to shows like Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! (and also came up with the contraction Pokémon from "pocket monsters") has listed his Nomad penthouse for $18.95 million.

The sprawling apartment is located atop the Park South Lofts on East 30th Street, spans 4,300 square feet, and comes with seven terraces. The three-bedroom apartment also has its own outdoor pool, a built-in sound system, and a drop-down projection screen in the living room.

Kahn purchased the apartment in 2012 for $5.4 million, and then undertook a two-and-a-half-year, $4 million gut renovation to create its Art Deco-inspired look. All things considered, Kahn would still make a huge profit if the apartment sold for the full asking price, but according to the WSJ, he initially hadno intention to sell. He was persuaded by real estate agents that the time was ripe for the sale, and so Kahn, along with his wife Jillian Crane, have decided to find another place in the neighborhood.

So are there some super rare Pokémon hiding in this massive penthouse you wonder? That’s something a new buyer will have to discover for themselves—Kahn hasn’t played Pokémon Go a day in his life.