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See inside Jessica Chastain’s stunning, sultry Midtown co-op

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Chastain reinvigorates a 19th-century NYC co-op once home to composer Leonard Bernstein

Hollywood leading lady Jessica Chastain has been busy—both in front of the camera, in celebrated roles in Zero Dark Thirty and The Martian, and behind the scenes at home in New York City. This month, Chastain opened the door to Architectural Digest allowing the vaunted design publication to peek into her newest domestic venture, an ornate West 57th Street co-op with interiors made opulent through plush fabrics and deep pigments.

Chastain and her partner, fashion executive Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo, purchased the four-bedroom in March 2015, adding another notch of distinction to the co-op’s history; the 3,200 square foot duplex was once home to late American composer Leonard Bernstein, who moved out in 1974. Much like successful actors do in their careers, Chastain traded up to the new digs, listing and selling her former apartment in Noho in less than a month earlier this year.

"Being on a film set, you’re always going to different places," Chastain tells AD, "And at the beginning of your career, you can’t afford to live in a nice place." Chastain, in so many ways, started her career at the Juilliard School, now a stroll away from her new $5.5 million co-op. Chastain discovered when first touring the apartment that a favorite neighborhood restaurant during her time at Julliard was directly across the street—an aha moment, and perhaps, a coming home.

For more looks inside the apartment, head on over to Architectural Digest. And for a peek at the pad before its renovation, find the listing pictures right over here.