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Big reveal: $899,999 for a sleek Boerum Hill one-bedroom

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Did you guess the correct price?

Alas, no one guessed the correct price of this week’s Pricespotter apartment, a Boerum Hill one-bedroom that has some, uh, interesting design touches—a space-age kitchen, extremely colorful walls, and a hotel-like bathroom. That price: a cool $899,999, which was fully $50,000 more than the closest guess; Portnoy’s Complaint ventured a $849,000 guess. Feelings on this apartment were definitely mixed, with NYCSince1983 deeming it "not a bad place," while RESpectator noted that "I’m put off—repelled, really—by the complicated geometries of the walls and ceilings." Fair enough!

One thing the place does have going for it is a great location; the building is on the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Smith Street. Let’s look at the floorplan one more time: