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City Council advances plan for 1,000 affordable units in the Bronx

The subcommittee has approved plans to build a 992-unit MIH project in Melrose

The city council’s planning subcommittee has approved a Mandatory Inclusionary Housing program at La Central that will bring a five-building development with 992 affordable units into the Bronx’s Melrose neighborhood, reports the Real Deal.

The project will be both publicly funded and developed and will include new recreation facilities and services for the neighborhood. The good news follows the recent rejection from City Council to rezone an area of Inwood that would allow a 17-story building named Sherman Plaza at the intersection of Sherman Avenue and Broadway to rise. City councilman Ydanis Rodriguez and community members argued that despite the proposed building’s plans to make half of its units affordable, it wouldn’t be affordable to current residents and would only spur the neighborhood’s gentrification. Instead, developers can now build a 14-story tower with no affordable units at all, a tradeoff Mayor de Blasio believes doesn't make any sense.

As for La Central, given that all of the nearly 1,000 new apartments will be affordable, residents aren’t worried about gentrification happening in Melrose any time soon. The project will receive a full Council vote sometime next week.