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Donald Trump’s childhood home in Queens will hit the auction block

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Owning the nominee’s childhood home would sure beat sporting a Trump pin

The childhood home of Donald Trump is not smattered in gold, nor is it made of marble. It is, ostensibly, a normal house in a pricey enclave of Queens. Even so, the five-bedroom Tudor isn’t considered an expensive property by the standards of Jamaica Estates.

But the house, which hit the market in mid-July, is having a hard time garnering its requested price. First listed for $1.65 million, the ask on the property has been lowered to $1.399 million. And not only that: 85-15 Wareham Place is going to auction next month, DNAinfo reports.

The opening bid is set at $849,000, with a reserve price that hasn’t been disclosed. The auction will take place at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan on October 19. The Republican presidential nominee lived in the house until his father, developer Fred Trump, built a larger house for his family nearby.

According to Newsday, the property’s owners chose to auction the house to determine what it’s really worth (read: how much some Trump supporter will actually pay for it.)