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432 Park Avenue’s second-priciest sale is a $65.6M penthouse

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An anonymous LLC scooped up the building’s 85th-floor unit

Since closings began at 432 Park Avenue at the beginning of 2016, a few mind-bogglingly high sales have been revealed, including Saudi Arabian billionaire Fawaz Al Hokair’s $87.7 million penthouse. Now, yet another überpricey apartment joins their ranks: According to the Real Deal, an anonymous buyer just closed on a penthouse that initially went into contract in 2013. The final sale price? $65.6 million, making it the building’s second-priciest sale to date.

The apartment—for which, weirdly enough, no listings seem to exist—occupies the building’s entire 85th floor, which puts it more than 1,100 feet above Manhattan. The buyer is registered as Parklight LLC, which doesn’t tell us too much, but it’s probably fair to assume that whoever the LLC is shielding is a billionaire, or at least a hundred-millionaire.

2016 was a year of records for New York City’s tallest building: eight of the priciest sales recorded last year were in 432 Park Avenue, including this particular unit’s neighbors (#88 sold for $61 million; #87A went for #33 million). For now, though, the apartment directly above it remains a model unit for the ultra-exclusive building.

432 Park’s 95th-floor penthouse, meanwhile, hit the market in October asking $82 million, making it one of the priciest listings in the building to date. It’s still on the market, should you have gobs of cash burning a hole in your pocket.

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