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Live on an adorable houseboat docked in Queens for just $59,000

The 400-square-foot property is basically a tiny house on the water

Baltimore Realty via Zillow

If you’ve ever dreamed of leaving the land-locked world behind and making a go of it on a houseboat, today could be your lucky day. A Redditor spotted this listing for a 400-square-foot FloLodge (a type of insulated houseboat that’s intended to be used in all seasons) for $59,000, which is chump change compared to the cost of buying an actual apartment in New York City. (h/t Gothamist) Of course, an actual apartment doesn’t come with all of the challenges inherent in houseboat living—i.e. weatherproofing, no live-in super, the possibility of capsizing, and the like.

The boat itself is rather charming, and with a wooden exterior that makes it look more like a customized tiny home than a boat. There’s one bedroom, one bathroom, a den, and a not-too-shabby kitchen, and the interiors—while not especially fancy—have a sort of rustic appeal. It also comes with a pretty sizable deck, which would be perfect for lounging on while you listen to Christopher Cross.

And while the idea of houseboat living may not appeal to everyone, it’s not as difficult as it may seem. One New York City couple ditched their huge Soho apartment for life on a 200-square-foot (!) sailboat, and loved the experience—so don’t discount it outright.

This one is currently docked at Marina 59 in the Rockaways, which was once home to the hipster-friendly Boatel. But should you want to dock the boat somewhere other than Queens, there are plenty of other marinas around the city.