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Donald Trump’s childhood Queens home heads back to auction

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The modest Jamaica Estates house could fetch millions of dollars

President-elect Donald Trump’s childhood home is once again headed to the auction block, and this time, its owner is hoping to make serious bank on the five-bedroom Jamaica Estates home. It’ll go up for auction today via Paramount Realty, though a starting bid for the home has not been released.

The Tudor-style house first hit the market back in July, when the idea of Trump becoming POTUS was little more than a joke; at the time, finding a buyer for it proved difficult. The house ended up going to auction in December, and real estate investor Michael Davis picked it up sight unseen for $1.39 million.

He’s hoping that Trump’s ascent to America’s highest office will garner more curiosity about (and thus, bids for) the modest Jamaica Estates home. And indeed, according to Misha Haghani, the founder of Paramount Realty, interest in Trump’s boyhood home has been “extraordinarily high.” “The value of Trump’s name, the value of the president-elect living there as a child, an infant, that value is impossible to define,” he told The New York Times.

As for the house itself—where Trump lived until he was four years old—it’s a pretty modest piece of real estate (no black marble or gold in sight!), with four bathrooms, a backyard, and a finished basement. And just in case buyers have somehow forgotten that Trump is, improbably, the country’s president-elect, there’s this:

A small upstairs room, where Mr. Trump was said to have slept, is patriotically decorated with a map of America and red, white and blue bedding; downstairs, a picture on a shelf reads, “Dream Big.”

The Times toured the home recently, posting a 360-degree video inside—check that out below.