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Williamsburg’s Domino Sugar Refinery redevelopment begins to take shape—literally

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The skybridge of 325 Kent Avenue is here and more quirky than ever

Curbed Flickr Pool/Joel Raskin

The first whimsical residential building in the works at Williamsburg’s Domino site is finally starting to look like the skyline donut that renderings have promised. A new shot of 325 Kent Avenue by Joel Raskin shows that the 16-story building is getting its top horizontal pieces, creating the skybridge of sorts that gives the building its unique shape. According to documents on file with the Department of Buildings, the skybridge will give way to apartments and accessory residential space.

Construction on the SHoP-designed building kicked off in March, and has progressed steadily since. The building reached 11 of its 16 stories in July, and was again in the news in December when a construction worker at the site fell to his death.

The lottery for the 500-rental building’s 104 affordable apartments kicked off in late November and is ongoing through January 30. (Better get on it.) Move-ins are expected at 325 Kent this summer, with listings for the building’s market rate apartments to show up sometime before then. There’s no word yet on how the apartments will be priced, but keeping in line with developer Two Trees and architect SHoP’s other projects, and New York City in general, they’ll likely be, er, aspirational.