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Journal Squared’s first Jersey City tower nears completion

Photos via Field Condition

As Jersey City’s skyline continues to transform, a few tall towers have started to rise above the rest. There’s the 780-foot Goldman Sachs tower, which was completed in 2004; Urby Harborside, a cluster of boxy towers; and the Journal Squared complex, which will have 1,800 apartments over three different skyscrapers.

As the first phase of the latter development inches towards completion, Field Condition took a trip across the Hudson River to see how the building is coming along. This particular tower is the smallest in the larger Journal Squared development; it’ll rise just 563 feet and 53 stories when it’s finished, compared to the other two buildings, which will rise 60 and 70 stories.

The buildings are all designed by Handel Architects, but there’s definitely something … familiar about the design. (A bit 432 Park-ish, perhaps?) The facade, which is composed of white metal and glass, also has blue accents to break up the monotony a bit.

The project is a collaboration between KRE Group (headed up by Jonathan Kushner, cousin of Jared) and National Real Estate Advisors, and leasing is expected to launch sometime this year. Among the amenities included in the Phase One tower are a sundeck, a sky lounge with expansive views of the NYC skyline, a pool, and more.