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New looks at Karl Fischer’s 68-room Williamsburg hotel

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The building will have commercial space on the first three floors, topped by four stories of hotel rooms

Karl Fischer Architect via YIMBY

There’s no shortage of new hotels in Williamsburg, from the blandly-named Williamsburg Hotel, with its pink-and-white tuk-tuks, to the space-age William Vale, to the as-yet-unnamed hotel/condo combo near the Kellogg Diner at Metropolitan Avenue. And now there’s one more to add to the list: YIMBY has renderings of a 68-key hotel headed for 105 North 13th Streets, between Wythe and Berry Streets near McCarren Park.

The building, designed by Karl “Hot Karl” Fischer, has a hybrid urban/suburban thing going: as YIMBY points out, the red brick and huge, arched windows are meant to capture the aesthetic of the area’s aging factories, but the balconies and setbacks “give the building a feel akin to a more suburban hotel.” (Something for everyone!)

Developed by Simon Dushinsky’s Rabsky Group, the project will rise a total of seven stories: the first three floors will have 25,529 square feet of retail and office space, plus 12,221 square feet of unspecified “community facilities,” while the next four floors will house the 68 hotel rooms.

The Rabsky Group picked up the property in June of 2014 for $8.2 million, filing initial plans to expand the then-single-story warehouse into a hotel. After that, the project was stalled for a while, but has since picked up again. According to YIMBY, the architect got the nod for these latest plans last summer.