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Restaurateur Keith McNally’s gorgeous West Village townhouse is still up for grabs

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The saga continues for the Balthazar restaurateur’s abode

Keith McNally’s dining room table

For all the years of trying, restaurateur Keith McNally just can’t seem to find any takers for his charming five-bedroom West 11th Street townhouse.

For a while, he was trying to rent out the place (first at $25,000/month, then at a slightly more fathomable $19,000). Then, last February, he officially put the five-bedroom home on the market for $13.995 million. But when it hadn’t sold by July, the master of downtown dining re-listed the place again, this time as a rental (again), priced at $27,500/month.

Apparently, though, he’s still trying to offload the place, because it’s back on the market. The sale price hasn’t changed—it’s still asking about $14 million—but, in a surprising twist, the rental price has once again skyrocketed, this time reaching the astronomical price of $32,500/month.

To be fair, it is quite a home: the brokerbabble promises the five-bedroom abode is “a handcrafted masterpiece rich in warmth and character,” which is … actually somewhat accurate. As we noted previously, the pad has a whole French-rustic-chic thing happening, complete with a bunch of wood-burning fireplaces, reclaimed oak floors, exposed timber beams, and “walls that appear to come with centuries' worth of patina on them.” The kitchen, it goes without saying, is a chef’s dream, with a farmhouse sink, a commercial grade range, and copper counters to keep the euro-country aesthetic going. (There is also a walk-in wine cellar.)

So … fifth time’s the charm? Maybe the problem before was that it just wasn’t expensive enough.