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Brooklyn’s newest Target will open in City Point on January 29

The Downtown Brooklyn megaproject will get a “flexible format” version of the chain

Will Femia

After years of planning (and, inevitably, some delays), one of the key components of Brooklyn’s City Point megaproject—namely, the Target located within the project’s mini-mall—is finally due to make its debut. The store will have a “soft launch” next week, beginning on the 25th, with a full grand opening planned for January 29.

The store has been in the works for just about a decade now, and is one of the anchors of the megaproject’s main retail space, which replaced a parking garage in Albee Square. Its other heavy hitters, including a new Century 21 and New York City’s first Alamo Drafthouse, opened last year; a Trader Joe’s is due to follow later this year, because what’s a megaproject these days without one?

The Target itself is one of the brand’s “flexible format” stores, which it also has planned for Alphabet City and Hell’s Kitchen (one opened in Tribeca last year, too). Unlike the massive suburban megastores found outside of New York City, these stores have a smaller footprint (the Downtown Brooklyn one will measure 125,000 square feet), and stock that’s more targeted to the area. (In Brooklyn, that means organic produce and Nets gear, among other things.)

And hey, if nothing else, maybe it’ll make the one at the Atlantic Center less of a clustermess.

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