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New Yorkers experience the Second Avenue Subway’s opening weekend: photos

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The line’s opening weekend proved extremely popular with commuters

Max Touhey

It may have taken $4.5 billion and 100 years, but the Second Avenue Subway (part of it, anyway) is finally here. During its first couple of days, plenty of New Yorkers turned up to see what the fuss was all about—and, of course, documented their travels along the line on social media.

A feat that took only slightly less time than a Cubs World Series win. #secondavenuesubway

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The artwork in the stations—by Jean Shin (63rd Street), Vik Muniz (72nd Street), Chuck Close (86th Street), and Sarah Sze (96th Street)—proved very popular with commuters.

Muniz’s mosaics feature actual New Yorkers, some of whom posed with their idealized selves:

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Up Close With Chuck- Subway Art | New York, NY #art #2ndavenuesubway

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Inevitably, people marveled at the cleanliness of the subway stations:

And a few famous (well, sort of) folks showed up to check it out:

Such a coincidence: ran into one of the people who is the inspiration for one of Vik Muniz's mosaics in the Second Avenue Subway!

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