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New York City braces for first nor’easter of 2017

The city is set to get slammed with heavy rain and high wind gusts

Flickr/sam chills

After a few days of relatively warm (if gloomy) weather, the tides are turning: Today, New York City is due to get hit with the first Nor’easter of 2017. Meteorologists are predicting heavy rain combined with dangerous winds that could gust up to 70 mph, and there’s a risk of flooding in coastal areas. “We think there’s going to be a serious situation this evening,” Mayor de Blasio said on WCBS earlier today.

Though nor’easters are often associated with snow, this isn’t going to be one of those storms (at least, not for city dwellers): According to AccuWeather, “a nor’easter gets its name from the northeasterly winds that blow in from the ocean ahead of the storm.”

While this particular storm isn’t due to bring snow to New York City, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for serious bad weather. Freezing rain is due to start any minute now, and NYC’s Office of Emergency Management is warning residents to expect flooding across the city’s coastal areas and high winds that could cause flying debris, downed trees, and damage to power lines.

So far, the weather hasn’t caused much disruption for daily operations. The MTA is still running as usual (for now) and Con Edison has reported on a few power outages in Brooklyn, though it’s unclear if they are weather related.

Port Authority has, however, suspended AirTrain service at Newark Airport, and flight delays (and cancellations) are likely—delays of up to two hours are already being reported at La Guardia. Port Authority keeps a running tally of alerts on its website, so bookmark that if you’re due to fly anytime in the next day.

We’ll keep you posted if this Nor’easter begins to cause any major disruptions.