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Williamsburg’s most expensive rental is an $18,500/month Oosten apartment

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The times, they are a’gentrifying

kitchen of the most expensive rental in Williamsburg

Williamsburg, which isn’t exactly known for its cheap deals, is getting its most expensive rental yet. One of the “townhouses” at the Piet Boon-designed Oosten, the neighborhood’s ultra-swanky glass condo project, is renting for a breathtaking $18,500/month, which will make it the priciest pad in the neighborhood, the New York Post reports. That honor previously belonged to a snazzy two-story home inside a converted 19th-century firehouse, which is asking $13,750/month, down from its initial ask of $15,000.

So what do you get for a record-setting $18,500? A multi-story, 25-foot wide abode with 4,650 square feet of living space, apparently. The unit includes four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, soaring ceilings, and a luxury chef’s kitchen with enormous windows—all the better to look out over your private garden, which is conveniently equipped with its own plunge pool.

There is also a private entrance, and a private enclosed two-car garage. You also get access to Oosten’s “unprecedented level of amenities”—two lobbies, a children’s playroom, a fitness center and spa, pools of various kinds—though if you’re only in it for the perks, you can pay a whole lot less (there are plenty of Oosten one-bedroom rentals in the $3,000 range).

But while it might break records in Williamsburg, the Post points out that the Oosten digs are hardly the most expensive in the borough. That title goes to the six-story townhouse at 16 Remsen Street in Brooklyn Heights. The price tag: $50,000/month.

The Oosten

429 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249