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Upper West Side studio with a walk-in closet wants $385,000

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The small apartment has plenty of storage space

Bohemia Realty Group

Welcome back to The Six Digit Club, in which we take a look at a newish-to-market listing priced under $1 million, because nice things sometimes come in small packages. Send nominations to the tipline.

This Upper West Side studio along West 93rd Street isn’t super enticing as it lacks the beckoning bells and whistles that populate other listings but perhaps the single greatest two things about this space are: a.) the low price of $385,000 and b.) the impressive walk-in closet.

The small studio is pretty standard of your typical prewar co-op. It features high ceilings, triple pane windows, and the apartment’s original hardwood floors. The narrow kitchen has received a modernizing renovation that introduced new appliances and what looks like new or refinished cabinets. The bathroom has also been spruced up a bit.

Storage space isn’t bad either, with three large closets and the aforementioned walk-in closet that puts closets within some larger NYC apartments to shame. Monthly maintenance adds just another $712/month onto the final tab.