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Prettiest NYC homes that hit the market this week

This week, we’re drooling over a stylish Upper East Side co-op, a Brooklyn mansion, and more

Every week, Curbed covers dozens of market listings that vary in price, location, size, grandeur, quirkiness, and other distinct characteristics. If they managed to capture our attention, that means there’s definitely something special going on. But some of these homes are so lovely that they warrant a special kind of notoriety as some of the prettiest homes currently up for sale in New York City. And so, here it is: five listing that have that special "je ne sais quoi" that separates them from the rest. Happy gawking!

↑After several years off the market, one of the units in the American Express Carriage House—so known because it was built in 1866 as a stable for horses used by the American Express Company—has returned to the market, with a $4.75 million price tag. Exposed brick walls in the living room nod to the building’s history, though there are ultra-modern touches, like the chef’s kitchen, or a hallway “illuminated by artistic neon blue lights.”

↑This immaculate Upper East side co-op is so stylish it’s hard to imagine, you know, actually living there, but $8.5 million would get you the privilege. The listing doesn’t include a floor plan, so it’s not exactly clear what’s going on here, but what we do know is that there are the five bedrooms spanning across 3,825 square feet, and the apartment is dripping in pre-war details.

open living room of the Tribeca loft at 356 broadway

↑It may be thoroughly modern, but there’s nothing generic about this two-bedroom duplex loft, which has an dreamy rustic-industrial vibe going. Priced at $1.469 million and “pin-drop quiet,” the loft comes with plenty of covetable design elements.

↑A Brooklyn Heights co-op with a million-dollar view just hit the market asking shockingly less than that. This New York City anomaly is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment within an Art Deco building and sports lovely views onto New York Harbor, the Manhattan skyline, and Brooklyn, all for just $840,000. The apartment itself isn’t too shabby either.

↑This charming early-20th-century home in Brooklyn’s Fiske Terrace-Midwood Park Historic District comes with six bedrooms a huge wraparound porch and gable roof with dormers. The original details include a mahogany-covered parlor, stained-glass windows, carved wood mantels, and a balcony off the master bedroom. It’s asking $2.48 million.