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Four NYC underground subway stations still don’t have Wi-Fi service

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There are three stations in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan without Wi-Fi and cell phone service


Recent audits showed that Wi-Fi and cell phone service is up and running at 150 of the MTA’s subway stations and the agency is proudly advertising that all 279 stations have Wi-Fi installed, but apparently there are a few stations that aren’t up and running just yet.

According to the New York Post, there are at least four underground stations that do not have functioning Wi-Fi or cellphone service. The stations identified are the 1 line’s South Ferry station and the R line’s Prospect Avenue, 53rd Street, and Bay Ridge Avenue stations.

MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz told the Post that renovations or closures was the reason behind the lack of service within those four stations, however they can expect to receive service within the next few months.

Of course, there are some passengers that are annoyed along those stops but in all fairness, four stations with faulty or nonexistent service out of 279 is impressive for the MTA. Things happen, right?