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New looks at Crown Heights development bringing over 500 apartments to the neighborhood

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They will be spread out over two 16-story buildings

Rendering courtesy DCP via YIMBY

Back in November we learned that developer Cornell Realty Management was set to bring over 500 new apartments to Crown Heights, a large portion of them being affordable units. Now YIMBY has got its hands on the first drawings for the project through the city’s Department of City Planning, as this development slowly makes its way through the city approvals process.

Cornell intends for the apartments to be spread out over two 16-story buildings—one at 40 Crown Street and the other at 931 Carroll Street. However the developer needs a rezoning approval to move forward with this particular plan.

As of right, Cornell is allowed to build shorter buildings, and the firm had previously revealed its intention to build four seven-story buildings at the sites with less than half the apartments in the current proposal, according to YIMBY.

With what Cornell has in mind right now, 390 apartments would be located in the Crown Street building, 150 of them affordable. The tower on Carroll Street would have 128 apartments, with 34 set aside as affordable. Both buildings will also come with retail and parking, if they move forward.

YIMBY reports that the developer will offer a quarter of the apartments to families making 60 percent of the area median income on average (through Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Mandatory Inclusionary Housing program), and Cornell is also looking to utilize the 421-a tax break replacement, Affordable New York, should it go in effect by then.

A third site depicted in the rendering above is not part of the overall development, but will also be rezoned if this project moves forward. That site could see the creation of just under 50 apartments with 7,500-square-feet of retail after the rezoning.